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How to Behave with a Guy on a Date

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How to start a conversation in a cafe or restaurant when meeting? It's worth starting with a conversation about your counterpart - what he likes, what he can’t stand for, what he can do especially well. Guys like to talk about themselves, but what they love more than this is to see that their words are carefully listened to and remembered.

To show that you are carefully listening to a guy, always remember what he says. For example, if he said his dog's nickname, you mention it in a conversation after a while. Your interlocutor would understand that you are listening to him attentively, and he is surely flattered. Of course, if the topic is mostly male (construction, sports, cars), it will be more difficult to show your enthusiasm. Don’t hesitate to admit that you don’t understand this or that topic, but you are very interested in hearing explanations.

Pleasant words are pleasant not only for women but also for men. Tell the guy at the meeting that he is very suited to his t-shirt, or note that you like his perfume. Just a few words and the effect will be significant.

As you can see, it's not difficult to behave properly on a date. The main thing is to show the guy that he is interesting for you in any possible way. If you make a good impression on him, he will propose you a serious relationship, later. Just don't try to rush it.

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