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Philippine Wedding

November 19th, 2009 No comments

Women from the Philippines are most sought after by Western men and many of the dating sites like filipina women featuring Asian women are flooded with members who are looking for such women.

What is it about Filipino girls that are so attractive to men from the West?

Well, the typical characteristics of Filipina women can be summarized as under:

  1. They are very beautiful and possess tremendous patience, besides being very gentle in their behavior.
  2. They respect tradition and are very particular of maintaining it.
  3. They are family oriented and love to take care of their husband and children.
  4. They take pride in maintaining their house and are great at domestic chores including cooking.
  5. They are faithful and will try their best to make the marriage work even if the husband is unfaithful.

A typical philippine wedding is clearly distinguishable and though they are not as elaborate as they used to be, the atmosphere is very religious. They do not believe in short term relationships and enter into matrimony only when they genuinely feel that there is love between the partners.

The wedding process comprises of various stages. It begins with the “Pagtatapat” wherein the male just makes a statement of intent to get married to his partner. This method of proposing is very different from the typical Western practice of asking the bride for her permission to marry her. The stage is now set for “Singsing” which is the process of the male partner dating his partner and also gets familiar with the bride’s family, besides wooing her with expensive gifts. The parents of both partners get together to decide on the type of gifts that the bridegroom’s parents must bring and while there is some bargaining that goes on, it is usually settled to the satisfaction of both the parties and the deal is solemnised.

One of the primary reasons for the bargaining is the fact that the bride is usually very young and marriage is going to impact her education. The girl’s parents bargain hard to get the maximum compensation for handing over their girl and it could take some weeks to fructify. However, it is all done in good spirit and there are no harsh words exchanged.

It is now time for the preparations for the wedding called the “Pamanhikan” and this is an elaborate exercise involving the venue, the meals to be served and how the expenditure needs to be shared between both the parties. The next one which is the “Paninilbihan” stage is now no longer in vogue. This process is to verify the commitment from the male partner towards taking care of the bride’s family as previously the newly weds would stay at the bride’s house. Today that is irrelevant as most couples stay separate and have their own apartment.

Some other interesting facts about Philippine wedding that are different from other weddings are:

  1. Despite their conservative nature, it is not necessary for the bride to be a virgin.
  2. The couple is not allowed to have sex on the first night after marriage as they believe that the drinks imbibed during the festivity would impact the child if the bride gets pregnant.
  3. The couple must plant a minimum of one tree before wedding as otherwise the priest will not solemnise the marriage.