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Anti scam guide

November 19th, 2009 No comments

Online dating is very exciting and is a very convenient way to communicate, flirt and strike up relationships with women across the world. However, it has also got its flip side wherein many people have also got cheated by unscrupulous single women masquerading as eligible ladies and wanting to get married to Western men. This practice has been particularly concentrated and orchestrated by single russian ladies, whose main aim is to only get hold of easy money in the garb of striking a relationship with affluent men.

This is not to say that you must become wary about every single Russian woman who elicits an interest in your profile, but you could observe some due diligence before entering into any kind of relationship or correspondence with any woman you meet on the net so that you are not left poorer and disgruntled with the online dating scene.

You could look for certain tell tale signs as under which should alert you of the possible wrong intentions of the person at the other end. They are:

  1. Since money is the reason behind this, you must remember to never send across money to any woman that you have just met over the internet and watch out for the person mentioning her poor financial health frequently on her chats with you. That could be the ground being prepared by her to win your sympathy and eke some money out of you.
  2. She could come out with many reasons to make you sympathise with her. It could be the death or illness of somebody in her family or that she has been robbed of her salary or that she has been thrown out of her job due to her refusal to have sex with her boss. Another innovative reason for wanting money is to say that she needs the money for accessing the internet or for improving her communications skills by enrolling for English speaking classes. Any of these would be used by her to gain your empathy and make you part with some money.
  3. Having earned your trust through some regular interaction over some time, she could express the desire to visit your country saying that she desperately loves you and would like to see you in person. At this point, to test her intentions, you must tell her that you plan to visit her country in the near term and that she should not be taking the trouble. Her reaction to this should give you an idea of what is on her mind and if she persists in making the visit, you know that she has something else in mind and could be asking you for visa and ticket costs very soon under the guise that buying tickets in her country would cost much less. You must ensure at this point to not give in and tell her that you know of a good travel agent in your own country through which you can get the tickets at affordable prices.
  4. Any attempt by the lady to rush through things should be treated with suspicion.
  5. If the lady shows very little interest in what you do, but just wishes to meet you and take things further, you should be alert. Women generally make a lot of enquiries before selecting a life partner and if somebody does not even the most basic questions, you know that the intention is not honorable.

The above suggestions and tips are not exhaustive by any means, but should help you detect a cheat on the internet and make sure that you do not lose your valuable money,you can also read more on anti-scam guide.